Saturday, May 27, 2006 - next scam?

Too good to be real?

News about this incredible offer. offer:
- $100,000+ in next 4 months
- payment after result:)
- charge for hosting, domain and traffic generating software ($170-800)
- the site has professional design with https (SSL certificate)

My opinion:
- $170-800 is very small reward for promised $100,000+
- site is very similar to former fraudulent website - (similar promises, similar commission, similar amounts, similar rude answers....)
- they lie about Paypal support (such us Monopolizer did) because everybody knows PayPal has very strong antiscam policy.
- missing owner info

I can tell: it seems this is the next internet scam.


Anonymous said...

From this report about MoreThanTraffic at the FTA, it seems that there are no doubts: it is a scam.
MoreThanTraffic Report

Anonymous said...