Monday, May 08, 2006

AdBlaster - 5000 visitors per hour?

Description: "(Software and online blasters available !) AdBlaster submits automatically and instantly to over 1000 Advertising Networks and 2,500,000+ Websites and Engines across the net, day after day, throughout the year! New Version 2.0 -Completely updated for 2006!- Get 5000 Hits To Your Website Per Hour!"
You can read tons of similar praising comments and reviews over the Internet.
Price: $49,95
Trial download: Softpedia (5 program starts limitation)
My experience: 5000 hits per hour? It will be great if i will get 10% of promised visitors:) I tested trial version from Softpedia. System is a little chaotic but real problem is advertising database:) some of pages simply dont exist, some need paid membership, others are simply FFA farms.
Result: not 100%, not 10%, not even 1% of promised effect.
My personal opinion: if you buy this SW, you risk you will lose your money, you will lose your time, you will ruin your page rank, you will ruin your reputation.
Tip1: if you are serious - hire experienced SEO freelancer or try PPC networks (Google Adwords, Overture, ABC Search...)
Tip2: reviews with affiliate link are not good reference source


Anonymous said...

I agree. This tool is crap. All autosubmitters never work correctly.

Anonymous said...

Yes, indeed, all autosubmitters
are fake!
Now there is BLOGBLASTER....
It's pure WAIST of money AND time!
So: Adblaster and Blogblaster both
are SCAMS!!

Trinity said...

Thank you for warning:)

I am just looking for blog traffic.

Anonymous said...

Waist of money.....

PPC is much much better.