Saturday, May 06, 2006

12DailyPro - Investment empire-power, glory, fall

12 Daily - short history of fallen moneymaking empire.

Spring 2005 - 12dp is opening. Just another autosurf program on the moneymaking scene.

Summer - autumn 2005 - Golden age. People are happy for stable payment, "honest opportunity" and longterm income:) Investors offer up to 90% commission back for affiliate signups.

Winter 2005 - Warning. Ecurrency scandals. FBI investigation in Egold, competitive processors kicked out of 12dailypro by Stormpay.

Winter 2006 - The Fall. $50 millions fraud revealed. Much higher damage because tons of crashed dreams.

Result: Yes, 12 dailypro is next ponzi scheme. Ms Johnson in court.

Lesson: do not invest what you cannot afford to lose. ( my lose is $900+)

My question: who is the bad boy / girl in this game?
1. Ms Johnson for her lies about income source?
2. Stormpay for highly profitable "fight" against unhonest moneymaking systems?
3. Autosurfers for ill-founded promises?

Fun: all subjects yell: SCAMMERS, SCAMMERS!

Who is the worst scammer in this case?

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Anonymous said...

Scammer number 1 is