Monday, May 01, 2006

Anti spamming

Trust me, i know what you feel when you open your inbox and see tons of spam messages flooding the page. Unfortunately most of antispam filter programs are useless. We keep on seeing over the internet all day long antispam 2005 , antispam outlook, barracuda antispam and much more commercial advertising messages... Some people even change their email address because of the huge number of spam they receive.
I've actually did it twice so far. In this article i will tell you how you can reduce the spam messages to more than 70%. You just need to follow these instructions for few days and you will be doing just fine.

Use a surfing email address:
Whenever you register to a forum or mailing list never use your personal email address. Create another email for this purpose so if you get flooded with spam your personal email won't be clogged.

Create many emails for many purposes:
You can create many emails each one of them can be used for something. You can create an email for personal use only by friends, family which is never used to request information or discussion forums... another might be used just for internet surfing and registrations purchasing.

Remove your email address from your website:
If you list or link to your email address, you can expect to be spammed. Address-harvesting robots will spider your site and extract them. So remove them wherever possible and use web-based forms instead. This will drastically cut down the amount of spam you receive if you have a website.

NEVER buy anything from a company that spams:
If you contact them to ask for more information you're encouraging them to continue spamming.

Filter your emails and block the spammers:
It will certainly take you some time to find it but you it's worth it once you apply the above and filter your email you will no longer receive spams and if you do it will be much less than you used to get.

Don't reply to spammers:
Many online antispam organizations encourage their supporters to reply to the spammer by saying that people are not bots or something like that. But in fact this will be helping the spammer to know that the message was received and read.

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