Thursday, July 25, 2013

Jewelry Business-Wholesale Damascene Jewelry

How to make money with a Jewelry store. Wholesale Damascene Jewelry-online business tips. Wholesale and dropshipping biz tips.

Damascene Jewelry

Damascene Jewelry Store offers a very generous partner program. The jewelry store offers wholesale and dropshipping service with 50% discount.
1. Low competition - The Jewelry store selling an unique jewelry with damascene design, made in Toledo Spain.
2. Nice profit - The jewelry store offers 50% discount for their partners.
3. Simplicity - The store offers free dropshipping. It means you do not need to buy or stock.

If you are interested in making money online why not to add these products to your existing jewelry store?

Another way is to start your own Jewelry store from 0.

You can hire a freelancer to set your store or you can even do it yourself and for FREE.

How to start your own Jewelry store?

1. Aquire an ecommerce system.
Some shopping carts are even for free.
Free shopping carts:
Wordpress with shopping cart plugins.
Joomla + Virtuemart.
Open Cart, Magento and Agoracart.

2. Aquire a free or affordable hosting.
I suggest to use at least some cheap shared hosting for start to avoid advert on free hosts and common outgages.
Why not to look at Hostgator or similar hosting companies? They offer plans from 3 dollars per month. These money means nothing for you.

3. Install, set your online jewelry store and fill it with products.
You can hire someone to make it for you or you can easily use documentation coming with selected ecommerce system. Many hosting providers also offers Fantastico, it is a pack of swoftware including shopping carts. Fantastico will help you to install your shopping cart with a few clicks and you do not even need to know database and file systems.

4. Promote your jewelry store
Rules of proper promotion online:
Submit your store to main search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Exactseek, Jayde or into your local intl search engines and directories.
Promote your store on Facebook, Twitter and other social webs. Ask your friends to helpo you to share link to your new store.
Publish content in article directories and mention your site on blogs of your friends.
You can also hire a SEO and promotion experts to help you.
Never spam, never use black hat techniques or you risk your site will get banned from Google what can means end of your biz just on the beginning.

Where to start?

Look at the Damascene jewelry store partner programs.

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