Wednesday, January 03, 2007

13DailyPro - Scam and 12By12Daily Scam

The ripples and undercurrents are being felt throughout the autosurf area with many piggy back surfs feeling the blow of 12By12Daily’s untimely demise. Apparently 13DailyPro was a huge victim of piggy backing on 12By12Daily, and now there is an even more scummy element rearing it’s ugly head on ASA scammer forums. Apparently 15HitsDaily owner Bob Krimm had posted a futile attempt to take over 13DailyPro in a point blank effort to lure people from the two big failed programs into his own trio of programs. We’ve never seen anything as shady as Bob’s efforts since Johnathan Mikula and NME exploited the 12DailyPro thread back in early March to promote their failed program PhoenixSurf.

The master thief on the scene of online business is Dave Cannard - he scammed people twice - in DadnDaves autosurf then in 12By12Daily.

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