Thursday, October 26, 2006 review

Earn $1,000,000 in e-gold
Or so this site claims. In fact this site which has been arround for 8 months or so is simply an elaborate online pyramid scheme. The site, which is written to an extremely poor standard of English, leading me to believe the American information in the WHOIS is fake, offers a 'free signup', but to get anything out of the program you have to upgrade to a Silver membership for $3.70 (USD).
To earn you then have to drag your friends and anyone else naive enough to believe the yarns this site weaves into the scheme. Members are paid $1 for referring a new member to the project from their link, and they also earn $0.20 for an additional 13 referral levels (levels 2-14). The $1 million figure which is the main claim of the site is reached by suggesting that after you have referred 3 people, each member in your downline will referr 3 members and so on and so forth, leaving you with $1,434,892.80 on level 14, (the first level which would earn you $1M supposing everyone recruits 3 more people into the scam). However to do this you will need a whopping 7,174,452 members in your downline, yes you read that right - over 7 Million people will need to be in your downline.
That just ain't going to happen, so when this site claims you can 'easily earn $1,000,000' they are lying out of their backside.
Take my advice, steer clear - this is just another pyramid scheme where the man at the top takes money from investors and is laughing all the way to the bank.

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