Saturday, September 23, 2006

Surfjunky review - Autosurf scam

Surfjunky review - Autosurf scam

SurfJunky offer:

- Earn Up To $.75 Per Hour!
- Get Paid For 3 Levels Of Referrals!
- Earn Money Joining FREE Websites!
- Payments Sent On The 15th Of Every Month!

Simply, Surf Junky is a website which pays members to visit other web sites through their “surf bar”. The user is required to visit the page for 30 seconds before being forwarded to another paid page. Surf Junky claims they will pay between $0.45 and $0.75 cents per hour of surfing.

How is it a scam? Simply put, you are supposed to get paid to surf. however does not and will never pay you. So to reach their minimum $25 payout, you need to surf for 55.5 hours. You work for almost 56 hours and get paid nothing. If this is not a scam I don’t know what is.How do you know it is a scam? Well first off the mathematics behind the site are simply impossible.
The site charges advertisers using the following pay schedule:

* 100,000 Visitors - $29.95 250,000 Visitors - $59.95 500,000 Visitors - $99.95
* 1,000,000 Visitors - $189.95

These are the ACTUAL rates obtained from the website

Let’s just start with the minimum amount of 100,000 visits for about $30.00. So that means an advertiser is paying approximately $0.0003 per visit... right? ($30/100 000)

Now a member of gets paid $0.45 per hour of surfing. The member can surf a maximum of 120 pages per hour (Each page must be viewed for 30 seconds, no multiple windows are allowed. So that is 2 pages per minute, 60 minutes per hour, which equals 120 visits per hour MAX)

Are you still following? Good!

Now go back to our advertising rate of $0.0003 per visit. Multiply this by 120 visits. That means that for 120 visits to his/her website a webmaster is paying ONLY $0.036.

So the advertiser is paying $0.036, or just under four cents, for every 120 visitors to his/her website. However, is suppose to be paying its members $0.45, or 45 cents, per 120 pages visited.

That means either,

1) is the worst business in the world and is planning on taking a loss $0.414 or 1250% for every hour a visitor surfs


2) is a scam site that never intends on paying its users.

To further amplify this loss consider this. Once a user reaches the minimum $25 payout, has only made $1.99 from that user (they make $0.036 per hour times 55.5 hours to reach payout of $25). So is actually taking a loss of $23.01 per payout.

So with a loss of $23 per user. Multiplied by approximately 500,000 registered users at last count, will be recording a loss of $11,500,000 once members reach payout.

Now I don’t want to seem to be over exaggerating because it hurts my credibility. So let’s assume only 1 in 10... no 1 in 100... no wait 1 in 1000 users actually make it to payout without cheating, getting bored and stopping, etc. The company will still be taking a loss of $15,000 each payout cycle. That is a loss of $15,000 EACH and EVERY month!

So even if fully intends on paying all users, and does not want to be a scam, the fact of the matter is paying them is impossible! It just won’t happen! They will go bankrupt before 1 payout is made
Rating: 0/5 - Autosurf scam

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Anonymous said...

SurfJunky is a Scam I came so close to Payout and all of a sudden I couldn't login to my accont.I would strongly advise everyone to stay clear of this company as you will NOT see any payments.