Thursday, November 09, 2006

How to increase CPC revenue

Following on from my earlier post about monitoring CPC revenue, this post explains how you can increase your earnings at CPC affiliate networks.

As I mentioned before the revenue your site generates is determined by a number of different factors:
  • The average CPC value of the ads
  • The effectiveness of the ads targeting towards your content
  • The amount of traffic your site receives AND
  • Your click-through ratio.
By increasing any of the above (or ideally all) you can make a huge difference in the amount you are earning.

The average CPC value of the ads shown on your website can be influenced by placing popular and high-paying keywords related to your site content throughout your webpage. Use high-paying phrases more than once, and use some variation so lots of relevant keywords appear across your site.

The effectiveness of the ads targeting will be influenced by the above. The more keywords related to your content you have the better targeted your ads will be. For example if you had very little content on your site about the Internet ads may be displayed for broadband/dsl providers. Whereas a on a more developed site the ads may be more relevant to your page content, e.g. Internet Tips, Cool websites etc.

When using programs such as AdSense it is important not to use artificial traffic generation techniques such as traffic exchanges to boost your hit count, since this is specifically stated as a no-no in the terms of service. Instead you can use Search Engine Optimization techniques to ensure your site ranks high in searches related to your site content - bringing you a stream of interested visitors.

Click-through ratio is determined by relevancy (see above) as well as the ad formats chosen, ad coloring and positioning. An ad at the side of, or embedded into a popular article will have a higher click-through ratio than one at the very bottom of a page.

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