Saturday, November 11, 2006

Domain Parking - an extra income

If you have any domains which you don't currently have a use for why not get something out of them for nothing!

By parking your domain name to the DNS servers of 'domain parking' companies you can earn an extra stream of income from visitors who access your URL.

Simply register with a domain parking company such as NameDrive and redirect your domain name to their servers. When someone visits your URL be it from a search engine, a link on another site or a direct type-in, they will be shown a page of search results relating to your sites domain name and/or previous contents.

Each time a surfer clicks on one of these sponsored links you earn an income, similar to using any other Pay Per Click search engines or publishing networks.

An example of a parked domain is:

May domain parking sites offer payments by PayPal and accept members from around the globe. So if you have a domain that is sitting around doing nothing, and you want to get something out of it - park it!

1 comment:

Don Gonzalito said...

Fregg, the article about domain parking was interesting, but when clicking on your example URL I get this message:

The domain has been blocked

Can you post some other example?

Gonzalo, from