Sunday, October 22, 2006

Scam HYIPs

Are all High Yield Investment Programs Scams? The simple answer is no, however most of the online ones are.

There are thousands of perfectly legitimate High Yield Investment Programs offline. These are investment funds which are designed to get a larger profit for the investors in a small amount of time. For this reason HYIPs are definitely a high-risk investment and are certainly not for everyone. Only skilled investors will use these programs, and they will normally invest upwards of $50,000.

Online HYIPs on the otherhand are available to everyone, which is one of their main problems. The amount of people who think that investing in an online HYIP will earn them money is staggering.

These online HYIPs can be set up for as little as $50 or so, and with a little promotion - often through illegal techniques such as spamming or hacking websites people are drawn in.

Almost all HYIPs will fail within a few months of their launch, as the team behind the project, inevitably, take what money is left in the program and run, only to start up a new site the very next day.

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