Monday, October 02, 2006

Inside Your Computer

Hundreds of millions of us around the world use a personal computer on a daily basis and are fine until something goes wrong. Phoning up a helpdesk can be boring and tedious at the very least - but what do you do when they ask for your computer specifications? Ideally you should have all the specifications of your computer ready, as you can bet your bottom dollar the help desk will require at least some of these to help you solve your problem. The Operating System is easy - you will see the start up screen on a daily basis - but what about the amount of RAM or hard disk size. Perhaps you will remember this from when you bought your computer, or perhaps you know where to look and find it. However there are a number of more complication specifications - for example do you know if your hard disk is partitioned or if you have two separate hard drives? To find out exactly what's inside your computer download the free What's in my Computer utility.

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