Saturday, October 14, 2006

How bloggers make money

Owning a blog, and posting in it daily can often be a time-consuming task. Not to say that blogging is not fun, the vast majority of people use their blogs to share information about themselves or their company, to tell stories and to chat about issues relating to them.

After putting all this effort into writing their blog, the blogger can make some money back from their site by selling advertising on their site. Most advertising will be done through major networks, think Google AdSense for contextual ads - which are extremely good for blogs as the ad code scans your blog and then places ads relating to the words which appear.

There are also graphical ads, which may be sold on either a per impression or per click basis. Finally there are affiliate programs where the blogger earns an income for each lead, or sale a company makes from visitors who have clicked the sponsored link on the blog.

The increasing trend of people blogging has also given way to several blog-specific online advertising networks, which mostly operate in a similar way to Google AdSense, handling the targeting of sponsored CPC links on thousands of blogs. Once such example of these blogging ad networks is CrispAds.

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Kevin the Collie said...

Useful post, but I must let you know I applied to crisp ads and got a reply from 'Hans' (which I nearly deleted as spam), this is the entire content of the message:
'Registration Denied.'

Well, that put me in my place!! At least Adsense staff can write in whole sentences...