Monday, July 03, 2006

Turnkey Products

It would be great if you could generate an income with just a few clicks of your mouse or a flick of a switch. This is what Turnkey (or 'Turn Key') software claims to do.

The makers and affiliates promoting these products claim that once you have purchased these turnkey scripts or turnkey websites, you can earn a steady income off the results of doing, lets face it, not a lot.

Do turnkey programs work? Well the answer is similar to that of a pyramid or ponzi scheme. The people at the top win, the people at the bottom lose. Often turnkey products are promoted by affiliate or MLM, so money draws its way to the top of the chain.

Those at the bottom enter a market which is saturated by the thousands of other people who have exactly the same products to offer, from websites which are often identical apart from the payment id or a few minor adjustments.

Turnkey products can also be referred to as a 'cash cow' where people who buy into the idea can milk profits - however often these are few and far between.

Typical turnkey websites offered include auction, recipe, jokes, casino and website template sites. These sites are overvalued and unrealistic incomes are often posted alongside details of the products to push the sale - however sellers of turnkey products fail to mention that the average user will sell a lot less than in their example, and that the market is saturated with hundreds of clone sites.

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