Monday, July 31, 2006

Things to consider when choosing a webhost (part 1)

Choosing a webhost is not a decision to be taken lightly as you will want a host which can grow alongside your site.
It is important to have a good line of communications with your host, so I would contact them and ask a few questions before buying anything from them.
Online IM support or phone support is best as it is in real time, unlike e-mail support or a 'ticket' system.
If a host can't be bothered to reply to an inquiry which could potentially gain them a new client, then they won't be bothered to look after you if you join.
The actual physical location of the host and servers does not really matter, as you have no need to see them - only to communicate with them.
Next work out the features you require for your site, then take a look at the packages on offer. If you do not see one which you like don't pick the biggest package there, you will be wasting money, instead contact the host and come to some agreement over a new package.

If you are not sure about what any of the features are, ask. Your host will be happy to help you, and unless you choose a dirt cheap host they will often help you with other problems regarding your website as well.

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