Sunday, July 23, 2006

Online Surveys

You have probably seen the ads. They claim you can earn money by taking part in Internet surveys for market research companies and get paid for doing it. This appeals to a lot of people since it sounds so simple.

Is this true? The simple answer is yes.

The data you provide is very valuable to market researchers. You may already get people phoning you up or coming around to your door asking you to participate in surveys. You may be unaware but these people are being paid for each 'lead' or completed survey they can get. The amounts they are paid can be in the region of £40 ($70) a front-door survey, less for phone surveys, probably about £10 a pop.

Your data is so valuable to market research companies because they sell it to big name companies who are interested in the latest consumer trends.

By setting up a website and dealing with the general public directly the market researchers cut out the middle-man. The money they offer you would normally just go to someone else in their company. Note: You will receive less money than the market researcher as the online market is bigger (more potential leads).

There are lots of these survey companies out there. You shouldn't expect to get rich from them and if you live outside of North America, Europe or the Australia area you may as well forget them unless you find a site specific to your area.

There are many sites that offer survey databases which list numerous survey sites. Do NOT pay for these details. Paid surveys are free to complete so why should you pay for information that is already in the public domain with a quick search of the net?

Put in a little time, locate some sites. Join 4 or 5 of them and off you go. You won't have an endless supply of surveys but you may recieve 3 or 4 a week. At the end of the month you could have earned yourself an extra $100 or so. Not much, but it all adds up!

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