Saturday, July 15, 2006

GoldCoders HYIP Script

GoldCoders (or Gold Coders) are a script development company who specialise in making scripts which utilise the eGold payment processor. These scripts include High Yield Investment Programs (HYIPs) and doubler games - both of which have questionable legality if operated.

Despite a message on the official GoldCoders website ( which states that the only legal versions of their scripts can be brought directly at their site people are still buying pirated versions.

For example a legal copy of Goldcoders HYIP Manager Pro 2 from costs $145.00, however it is not hard to find sites offering the same software for $5. These scripts are, as GoldCoders state on their website, illegal pirated versions of older goldcoders scripts which contain many bugs and may have 'back doors' enabling hackers easy access.

However the online HYIP world is driven by greed, crime and corruption so many scammers will purchase these unlicensed scripts and set up fake HYIPs to steel money from those foolish enough to invest in them.

Why should you trust someone running a $5 script with your money?

You can check to see if a site is running a licensed version of a GoldCoders product


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Goldcoders script is crap full of backdoors and goldcoders are scammers.

Trinity said...

Hello, do you have any proof Goldcoders are scammers?