Thursday, June 15, 2006

What is eGold?

eGold, or to give its proper name e-Gold is an online payment transfer site in a similar manner to PayPal. However, instead of being backed by currency, eGold is backed by solid gold reserves.

eGold is popular with many online autosurfs and HYIP or other investment programs online, due to its leinient terms. Unlike PayPal there is no risk of chargebacks being committed - however there is also no buyer protection - which is why eGold is very rarely, if at all, used for physical offline goods.

An eGold account is free to setup, just visit the website at
Unlike PayPal and other online payment transfer services, eGold cannot be funded by bank transfer or credit card directly through the site. Instead you must used a third-party service to exchange offline funds or funds in other e-currencies for eGold. The same is true for withdrawals - money cannot be withdrawn from the eGold website by wire transfer or check - again a 3rd party exchange service must be used.

Unlike PayPal and many other online payment transfer services, eGold can be used internationally with no restrictions on its use.

This makes it a very popular choice for people outside of Western Europe and North America.

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