Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Spam Still Rife

Despite new anti-spam laws introduced in Europe and North America over the past few years, spam continues to be as prevalent as ever.

It is simply too easy for someone to set up a spam server and simple send off thousands upon thousands of e-mail messages a minute.

It is not just our email inboxes which are being clogged up by this unwanted junk. Blogs and message boards are also full of the stuff.

The reason I ditched nucleus as my blogging software on a site of mine was due to blog spamming. The software simply allowed anyone to come along and post freely on any post in the blog - around 95% of all comments were spam - containing links to pay-per-click search engines and websites of which the content was unsuitable for my readers.

A forum at one of my affiliate sites has also frequently been targeted over the last couple of weeks - my guess is once you are on the spammers list they will return again and again.

Needless to say all the spam posts were deleted - but people are still doing this in the hope that they will get the click or an increased ranking in the search engines.

How did I combat this? Simple, I made registration compulsory to anyone who wants to post - something which many forums have. However even this will not stop the deter mind spammer.

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